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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: Candii Blossom Cosmetics

Hi lovelies! How is everyone today? Today I will be reviewing some pigments from Candii Blossom Cosmetics. I first heard about Brenda's company through her facebook fan page. You can find her fan page here. On that page is a link to her store, or you can go straight to the store here. Anyway, I have quite a few colors to show you today. This is your warning that this is VERY pic heavy. Let's get on to the review shall we?

The first colors I have to show you are some samples that I ordered. Her samples are $1 a piece and have about 3/4 teaspoon of product in each container; you choose your colors. For reference, her full size products come in a 5gram jar and are $4. What I like about her samples are 1) they don't come in baggies and 2) they are a little bigger than the clam shells. Here is a picture comparing the sample size you can order to the clam shell.
Sample container on the left and a clam shell on the right
I, personally, prefer the bigger containers because they don't get lost in the abyss with my other indie pigments. The three samples I ordered were: Candii Orchid, Oceanic, and Lavender Candy.
Candii Orchid is described on the website as "Purple with slight blue hilite and lots of aqua sparks"
This is definitely a gorgeous color. Although, I feel this color is more magenta than purple. You can definitely see the blue pearl and aqua glitter in this one when swatched.
Oceanic is described on the web site as "Very pretty and sparkly turquoise with lots of blue sparks"
Brenda's description is the perfect one for this color. This color reminds me of that gorgeous blue you see in the ocean in a tropical climate.
Lavender Candy is described on the web site as "Shimmer purple with some pink"
This color reminds me of a lavender with a taupe undertone to it. It's one of those taupe-y purples. The shimmer in this color is pink, aqua, and gold (well, that's what I see).
L-R: Candii Orchid, Oceanic, and Lavender Candy. All applied with a base.

The next set of colors I have for you come in the Blogger Review Package. This package is $12 and you get three full size products and 3 clam shell samples of your choice. However, a disclaimer exists with this package: This is for any beauty blogger that wants to try Candii Blossom Cosmetics. If you purchase this pack, you HAVE to do a review and post the link to your review on the facebook fan page.

The three full size colors I chose were: Icicles, Keroppii (Hello Kitty, anyone?), and Plum Crazy. Speaking of HK... Brenda offers a Hello Kitty collection ^-^!! The three samples I chose were: Lotus, Asia, and Tinsel.
Icicles is described on the web site as "Very bright and beautiful blue"
This has got to be one of the brightest, true blues I have ever seen. Immediate love.
Keroppii is described on the web site as "Green with lime green shimmers"
My flash brightened this color a bit. In this pic it looks more lime than what it is. This color is more on the mint side than lime. I must say, the sparkles are gorgeous in this one.
Plum Crazy is described on the web site as "Purple plum color with lots of shimmer and a violet undertone" Lots of shimmers is certainly correct for this color. This is the perfect plum with a range of different pearl effects.
L-R: Icicles without base, Icicles with base, Keroppii, and Plum Crazy. I was most disappointed in the way Icicles darkened and clumped up on top of the base.
Lotus is described on the web site as "Great neutral color! Also great as a highlight!"
This is a gorgeous bone color. This is my skin tone with shimmer.
Asia is described on the web site as "Very light peachy color"
Once again, my flash messed with this color. However, the color is a lot darker in the container than it is when you apply it. You wouldn't think of this as a peach just looking at it.
Tinsel is described on the web site as "Antique silver with lots of natural glitters"
I must say that this is the one color that impressed me the most. In the picture you see the brown in it, but it also shows a gunmetal color in person. Great duochrome for a little something extra.
L-R: Lotus without base, Lotus with base, Asia, and Tinsel

The next set of colors belong in the Grab Pillow. The grab pillow is listed as $8 on the website, but I paid $10 when I got it. In this set you get six randomly selected colors in clam shells and a surprise code that varies from 10-50% off your next purchase. I received from very interesting colors.
The colors I received were: Lava Flow, Confusion, Oh, Tiffany!, Peppermint, Mud Pie, and VooDoo.
Lava Flow is described on the web site as "From the Drinks on Me Collection. Red"
I couldn't find a good description for this color. This is a bright orange with a red undertone that has yellow/gold sparkles.
Confusion is described on the web site as "Soft yellow with red and purple reflexes"
This color reminds me of Sugarpills Buttercupcake with sparkles. I did not see the red and purple reflexes but I did see a light purple/aqua sparkle to this when swatched.
Oh, Tiffany! is described on the web site as "Tiffany blue with tons of blue and green shimmers"
Brenda wasn't playing with the phrase "tons of shimmers." This color has some crazy shimmer in it. However, I feel this is more powder blue and not as bright as Tiffany blue. Very close, though.
L-R: Lava Flow, Confusion, and Oh, Tiffany!

Peppermint is described on the web site as "Metallic red with lots of shimmers"
This is a gorgeous rust color. It reminds me of NYX's Rust and a little darker than MAC's Cranberry. Love this color and it will look amazing with blue or green eyes.
Mud Pie is described on the web site as "Red with more brown. This has all the natural sparkle with nothing added to it but lots of color"
This is a pretty red-brown. Honestly, I haven't seen anything like this one.
I looked a few times and could not find a description for VooDoo. I would describe this one as a medium warm toned purple with aqua, pink, and purple sparkles.
L-R: Peppermint, Mud Pie, and VooDoo
Look at those sparkles!

I have not created a look with any of these colors yet as I didn't have time today, but I will have one up soon. Overall, I am very pleased with every color I received. The only disappointment was Icicles over the base I used. Hopefully all I need to do is switch up my base. Brenda offers one, but I don't have it yet. If you are looking for some gorgeous colors and want to check out CBC, I would definitely recommend it. I have many pigments from a few indie companies, but many colors I have seen from CBC are one-of-a-kind.

My favorite colors from what I have would be: VooDoo, Mud Pie, Peppermint, Tinsel, Candii Orchid, Oceanic, and Lava Flow. I really like every color, but those would be the ones I like the most. Which colors do you like? Do you have any pigments from CBC?



  1. Great swatches-VooDoo looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! VooDoo is gorgeous! I hope those sparkles show up on the eye like they do in the swatch. I'll be using this one very soon.